A Little Bit of Deathrock



Anyone that knows me, knows I seriously appreciate good Deathrock. It’s a been a while I’ve been searching to construct my perfect gothic avatar– fishnet, torn nylons, corsets, platform boots and plenty of make-up. While I didn’t wear a very pale skin, I did this on purpose so you could see the detailing in the make-up and outfit. Speaking of the outfit, it was actually Dare Designs that ended this pain-in-my-arse quest with a new release of theirs: Sex Bomb. This is probably my favorite outfit from Dare Designs so far, but that’s because I have a weakness for fishnets and stockings; naturally my bad habit of mixing and matching kicked in, so I’m wearing a different fishnet top from the store. Sex Bomb is of course available in black, but it is also available in a variety of colours including Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Teal and Violet. It also has two options for prim fishnet skirts as well as a collar and a pair of rockin’ platform boots. Pretty rockin’ in my opinion. No seriously, go grab yourself a copy– it’s awesome!
Anyways, time to give credit, so here’s the style card:

– Dolly Rotten – Girlhawk 2 – Dark Tintable
– Truth Hairbase – Night

– cStar Limited – TAO Goth 3 – Cream

– Personal shape by Christiana Xevion. ❤

– cStar Limited – TAO Black Goth Eyes

– Dare Designs – Sex Bomb – Black
– Dare Designs – Enmeshed Top – black

– Dare Designs – Sex Bomb Boots

– Dare Designs – Sex Bomb Collar
– cStar Limited – TAO Goth Lashes

– Apple Spice – Casual Pose 003
– Apple Spice – Casual 017

[ SLURL to Dare Designs ]:



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